SPM-based toolbox for processing intracranial EEG recordings (sEEG and ECoG), including advanced features for the analysis of epilepsy and CCEP. All the functions can be used both from the toolbox interface and from MATLAB scripts.


MATLAB and SPM must be installed on your computer.
To install SPM:


Getting started

If you are interested in using ImaGIN, we recommend you start by reading the online tutorials.
They provide step-by-step instructions on how to analyze an example epilepsy dataset, both from the ImaGIN/SPM interface and from a MATLAB script.

Supported file formats

  • ANT ASA (.msm/.msr)
  • BrainVision BrainAmp (.eeg)
  • Deltamed Coherence-Neurofile export (.txt/.bin)
  • EDF / EDF+ (.edf)
  • Micromed (.trc)
  • Nicolet (.e)
  • Nihon Kohden (.EEG)
  • CED Spike2 (.smr)


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