F-TRACT team

People who worked on the project:

  • Olivier David (PI)
  • Noelia Anton-Santos (engineering student)
  • Leila Ayoubian (post-doc)
  • Manik Bhattacharjee (research engineer)
  • Anthony Boyer (post-doc & research engineer)
  • Blandine Chanteloup-Forêt (software engineer)
  • Pierre Deman (research engineer)
  • Antonela Florio (undergraduate student)
  • Eloïse Gronlier (PhD student)
  • Maelle Gueguen (clinical research associate)
  • Etienne Hugues (post-doc)
  • Maciej Jedynak (post-doc & research engineer)
  • Jean-Didier Lemaréchal (PhD student)
  • Paul-Victor Macron (engineering student)
  • Maria Martinez Rodrigo (engineering student)
  • Yanis Malek (undergraduate student)
  • Mariana Mulinari Pinheiro Machado (PhD student)
  • Gina Catalina Reyes Mejia (clinical research associate)
  • David Rudrauf (researcher)
  • Carole Saubat-Guigui (clinical research associate)
  • François Tadel (software engineer)
  • Lena Trebaul (PhD student)
  • Viateur Tuyisenge (post-doc)
  • Raouf Zouglech (clinical research associate)

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